Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding to maximize reimbursement

Capture the revenue you’ve earned with accurate coding and expert billing.

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Maximize your claims with expert medical billing and coding

01. Accurate Coding

Complete CPT coding and Diagnosis coding across multiple specialties ensures claims are submitted at their highest possible value.

02. Constructive Practice Feedback

Our Return to Client process flags practice documentation issues for correction and provider education.

03. Quality Control Audits

Regular coding reviews, documentation audits, and provider education ensure compliance and prevent recurring issues.

Claims Reconciliation for coding accuracy

We reconcile all procedural coding to verify your services were coded completely and accurately.

  • Ensure services were coded completely and accurately

  • Navigate the complex Medicare, Medicaid, and private payor requirements for charge capture and documentation

  • Identify third-party underpayments by comparing payments against contracted rates

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Certified Medical Billing and Coding experts will get you paid

Coding accuracy drives revenue and cash flow. Our certified billers and coders review and code your services to maximize reimbursement. Our coders are:

Nationally certified by the AAPC and AHIMA

Hold specialty certifications including CPC, CPC-H, CCS, RCC, ACS-RA, ICDCT-CM

Up to date on the latest federal and state billing regulations

Interventional Radiology Coders

APS is a unique RCM services provider because we have an interventional radiology coding team. Interventional radiology is notoriously complex and it’s hard to find experienced coders.

Meet our team:

  • 10+ years of interventional radiology coding expertise

  • Skilled in the full spectrum of interventional radiology specialties

  • Up to date on coding rules and regulations

Linda Masin
Eastern Radiological Associates

“We hit the jackpot with APS!”

“A/R is down, cash flow is up, and our Client Services Manager knows our account backwards and forwards.”

Anesthesiology Coders

APS understands the coding nuances and in-depth documentation that anesthesiology requires compared to fee-for-service based specialties.

Our anesthesiology coding team is skilled in:

  • CPT coding

  • Coding per NCCI, ICD-10-CM, CPT, and modifiers

  • Determining time units and total units

  • Rules and regulations governing Medicare billing, including incident to, shared visits, and more

Why does coding accuracy matter?

01. Optimizes your reimbursement for services provided

02. Minimizes claim rejections for faster cash flow

03. Improves your legal and regulatory compliance

04. Prevents overpayment and payor takebacks