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We believe the best RCM results come from expert practitioners, revenue-accelerating technologies, and individualized client service.

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Why do healthcare organizations choose APS RCM services?

A 90-Day Revenue Guarantee

Our team is focused on increasing your revenue and increasing it quickly. We offer a 100% guarantee that you'll maintain your monthly revenue during your transition to APS.

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Consistently Great Client Service

Since 1982 we've proven that dedicated, reliable, and results-driven service builds lasting relationships. Our Client Services Team has earned a 98% client approval rating for thoughtful account strategies, proactive communication, and attention to detail.

Our Client Services Managers are:

100% U.S.-based

Skilled RCM services professionals averaging 15 years of experience

Proactive and responsive, replying to client communications within 24 business hours

Who We Serve

Revenue Accelerating Technology that Doesn’t Get in Your Way

The faster and more efficiently you’re paid, the better. The more access you have to key metrics and data visualizations, the better. APS’ billing platform gives you both. We accelerate revenue by maximizing internal efficiencies and we deliver the decision-making data you need.

What you can expect:

Seamless integration of APS’ platform with your EMR to boost profitability without operational disruptions

On-demand and visual reporting to give you the performance snapshot you need, quickly

Custom dashboards to help you further analyze your organization’s data

Reporting & Analytics

Revenue Cycle Operations that Run 365 Days a Year

Get a fully staffed, always-on RCM team without the in-house costs or turnover worries. APS operates 365 days a year and has specialized teams for each facet of RCM. You’ll never experience a lull in cash flow, and you’ll never worry about your billing staff going on vacation.

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