A/R Management

Accelerate your cash flow and minimize risk

Elevate your entire revenue cycle operation and accelerate your cash flow with professionalized A/R management.

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End-to-end Accounts Receivable Management

01. Resolve Unpaid Claims

We resolve denials quickly and efficiently to maximize your cash flow and make sure you’re collecting every dollar you earn.

02. Fix Root Causes

We share authorization, coding, and other upstream issues with your team to prevent denials from happening in the first place.

03. Quality Control Audits

We report on emerging payor trends and dynamics so your practice can make informed contracting decisions.

See how APS’ professionalized A/R Management compares

Typical A/R Management:

No claims prioritization strategy

No system to track effort and progress

Low sense of urgency

Poor or minimal documentation

A siloed operation that doesn't share observations with the team

Limited innovation or improvement over time

APS A/R Management:

Continuous assessment and prioritization of A/R

Disciplined measurement of effort and payments against KPIs

Aggressive timelines to resolve rejections, denials, and claims

Thorough process documentation

Proactive communication with your team

Ongoing optimization and team training


Average Increase in Collections


Claims Billed Annually

"I found APS after a long, dedicated search. The responses from their references were very much the same:

APS rescued us! My account managers are always on top of every little detail and always available."

Dr. Arvinder Uppal
Charter Radiology LLC

Why does expert A/R management matter?

01. Boosts your revenue

02. Speeds up your cash flow

03. Reduces compliance risks and liabilities

04. Makes you more responsive to regulatory and payor changes

05. Lowers operating costs