"The right fit when outsourcing medical billing is critical for success. APS proactively streamlines processes using proprietary systems/IT capabilities to keep AR days down and cash flow up. Their knowledgeable team of experienced professionals is dedicated to every detail related to our account...."
Linda Masin Practice Manager/ Compliance Officer Eastern Radiological Associates Billings, MT


APS utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help our clients make data-driven decisions. As technology evolves, APS adapts and empowers you with the tools you need to exceed your business goals.

Data Center

In order to reach optimum results, you need a business intelligence platform that accurately displays your performance. With the APSimplify Data Center, your practice gets 24/7 access to data. 

Our provider suite offers:

  • An intuitive and dynamic dashboard to monitor the performance of your practice
  • Customizable reports on demand
  • Multilevel User Access

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Proprietary Software

The APS proprietary software gives us the flexibility to customize our efforts to each individual practice. With over 37 years of software development experience, we continually enhance our program as industry requirements change, and technology evolves.

There is no lengthy wait period to get the customized results you require. Instead, our on-site programmers tailor the program to fit your needs with efficiency.

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Data Security

APS meticulously collects, monitors and transmits your sensitive data to ensure executive-level protection.

From our success-driven security professionals to our highly intuitive software, APS is fully equipped to detect and eliminate risks. Quality measures combined with the versatility of our proprietary system allow us to bring your practice the customized safekeeping it requires.

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