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CARES Act Provider Relief Fund from HHS

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund from HHS

04/10/2020  |  Client Services

You may have received an email from HHS (Health & Human Services) regarding The CARES Act Provider Relief Fund in which they indicate they will be depositing money for the purposes of COVID-19 response.  Some providers are already seeing the money in their account.  You should be aware that:

  1. This money is independent of the PPP, Advanced Medicare Payment, or SBA loans.
  2. It will be automatically distributed to the providers based on HHS calculations of the provider’s CMS claims history. 
  3. No application is required. It is not a loan program. 
  4. You should see a deposit in your account from Optum Bank with a payment description of “HHSPAYMENT.” If you file on paper, the funds will be sent by check
  5. The provider must attest within 30 days to receipt of the funds, and then quarterly thereafter documenting the use of the funds. There are some significant reporting requirements and limitations to use of these particular funds.   

Below are links to the HHS program, and the terms and conditions. We advise you to review with your legal counsel and business accountant to determine how to proceed. 

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund-HHS

Terms & Conditions

As always APS and your Client Service Manager are ready and willing to work with your team to navigate the process.