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Post COVID-19 Revenue Analysis

Post COVID-19 Revenue Analysis

06/04/2020  |  William Scott Cubellis, CEO


During this pandemic many providers have seen a significant reduction in their revenue. It is paramount to take stock and identify any inefficiencies that may be adversely affecting you net revenue. Is your billing service ready to handle the emerging landscape?

Claims Submission- Claims are coded and filed within 24 ours of receipt of a clean claim. APS boasts over 97% clean claim rate. To accomplish these you need: 

  •       Experienced certified coding staff to code correctly and efficiently

  •       Accurate demographics at the time of receipt of the report

  •       An IT system that can communicate with practices, hospitals, and payers

Post Claims Submission Management- There is money in denials, and they should be addressed in a timely manner. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals efficiently captures all revenue that your practice is due.

Robust Reporting Capability in order to:

  • Identify claims denial reasons, for example missing prior authorization

  • Identify Payer trends

Keep abreast of changing healthcare initiatives and compliance requirements. The landscape is changing almost daily during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is imperative to say informed regarding rules and regulations, all while continuing to meet existing program requirements such as MIPS, Appropriate Use Criteria, etc. APS will keep you up to date.

It is costly, yet unavoidable, to cover staff for these tasks. Use the APS Calculator tool to assess your current costs compared to your current revenue.

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