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Motivated to Achieve

APS has been in the medical billing business for over 37 years, and we believe that the key to our success is that we hire the best people. Our medical billing specialists come from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, but they also share one goal: to reach results through quality partnerships.

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100% Certified Coders

Lifelong Learners

The APS team enjoys challenging themselves. We employ people who love to learn, and we give them the resources they need to grow. Whether we are educating our team about industry updates, mentoring them through their goals, or listening to new ideas, we encourage our employees to explore their individual potential.

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50% Employees have more than 10 years of service with APS

A Nurturing Community

As a privately-owned medical billing company, APS puts an emphasis on human connection. By building a supportive work environment, we promote strong communication and thoughtful problem solving. This personalized approach to revenue cycle management provides both our employees and clients with a rewarding professional experience.

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Customer Focused

We view our culture as an extension of the practices we serve. Because of this, it is important that we hire individuals who act on the behalf of our clients with unmatched enthusiasm. At APS, our clients are our focus, and we work diligently to exceed their expectations daily.